Sunday, 15 March 2015

Why not to vote Labour

Ed Balls faced calls to 'come clean' about Labour's failure to tackle tax evasion while he was City Minister in the wake of revelations HSBC helped 7,000 wealthy Britons avoid millions of pounds in tax.

Tired: The Labour leader struggles to keep his eyes open during a photocall yesterday morning 10.2.2015

Ed Miliband promised yesterday that if Labour wins the next election he will double paid paternity leave. New dads will be entitled to take four weeks off work and receive £260 a week. Were is that money coming from? 10.2.2015

Ed Miliband’s relationship with business hit a new low last night after he snubbed a major gathering of company executives.
The Labour leader, who is struggling to persuade business leaders that he is on their side, stunned organisers of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) annual conference by telling them he was too busy to attend. 11.2.2015

Britain's economy should be more like FRANCE because its workers are better, says Labour

·         Chuka Umunna said French workers were more productive than in the UK
·         He said French workers produce as much in four days as UK staff do in five
·         Comes days after a top bank said Labour would make UK more like France

The Labour leader said: “The deed of variation is something that my mother did 20 years ago. That was just a decision she made. I paid tax as a result of that transaction, I’ve avoided no tax in that”. What his mother did would have been done with his and his brother's knowledge and agreement. Yes, he paid all the tax due, but that tax was minimised by his mother's actions. I don't know what annoys me more - his blatant hypocrisy or the fact that he clearly thinks that all of us plebs are really thick.


Neil Kinnock has dismissed concerns about Labour’s flagship mansion tax policy, saying it would not cost property millionaires any more each month than the price of a single lunch out.
The former party leader said: ‘For the people who are asset-rich and very prosperous, a couple of hundred quid a month isn’t going to make a difference. They would spend that on lunch.’
Those owning homes worth between £2million and £3million would have to pay £250 a month. But the charge is likely to be much higher for those with more expensive properties. 
No mention of those who are asset rich but cash poor?




Ed Miliband facing backlash from universities over ‘financially illiterate’ plans to cut fees from £9,000 to £6,000 to be funded by raid on private pensions 

·         Miliband fears his credibility would be hit if he backs down on pledge
·         Vice-chancellors have warned that it could cause ‘colossal’ damage
·         MoneySavingExpert's Martin Lewis calls plan ‘financially illiterate’

Ed Miliband's plan to cut university tuition fees was yesterday facing mounting opposition - with even a former Labour No10 aide joining the attack.
There were predictions last night that the party could descend into civil war over the controversial proposals after ex-Tony Blair aide Huw Evans was joined by the leader of Britain's nurses in challenging the plans.
Mr Miliband has said his pledge to slash the fees from £9,000 a year to £6,000 is 'cast-iron', adding the plan will be a 'red line' in any possible future coalition talks.
But the plan – to be paid for by cutting middle-class pension pots – has been condemned as 'financial illiteracy' by some critics, while university chiefs warn it could jeopardise the scrutiny of their long-term funding.


The migration chaos left by Labour: Over 13 years one immigrant came into the UK every minute and number of people in Britain born abroad rose by 3.6million

Immigrants arrived in Britain at the rate of almost one every minute during the ‘open door’ years under New Labour, a devastating audit reveals.
The influx caused the foreign population to swell by 3.6million between 1997 and 2010.
The figure was four times higher than the previous 13 years and equivalent to the population of Britain’s five largest cities outside London – Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield and Bradford.
Today the spotlight switches back to Labour’s own record, following the publication of a comprehensive study by the think-tank MigrationWatch.
It found that, through a combination of deliberate policies and ‘cock-up’, 7.23million immigrants were allowed to arrive in the UK – almost one every minute.

The terrifying prospect of the Scots ruling England is now all too real:

The General Election in May could give Labour and the Tories equal representation in the Commons, with the Nationalists sweeping Scotland to hold 56 out of 59 seats, and the balance of power at Westminster.
Following such a vote, the most plausible outcome would be a Labour minority government led by Ed Miliband, and sustained in power by Nicola Sturgeon and her tartan army. Shewould name her price for supporting Labour, which would include large sums of English taxpayers’ cash to fund the Scottish socialist dream. 

Miliband will have to dance to Scots' tune

When is MILIBAND ever going to tell anyone how he intends to run Britain...Tell us where the money is coming from to deliver all the SPENDIONG  PLEDGES he has made, tell us how he will eradicate the DEBT left behind by BROWN, who he was the main advisor to, last time in office. Tell us why his party threw the doors open to the world to come to Britain and be given " FREE BENEFITS",  and cause the NHS to virtually grind to a halt, the EDUCATION SYSTEM in tatters, the INFRASTRUCTURE  GRIDLOCKED, create a MASSIVE HOUSING SHORTAGE.... TELL US THE ANSWERS MILIBAND

Labour MPs are hatching secret plans to wreck any deal with the Scottish Nationalists by holding an emergency summit after the Election.
A meeting of the entire Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) would be convened in order to veto any attempt by Mr Miliband to win Downing Street by brokering a deal with Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP.

Labour MPs say the possibility of forming an alliance with a party which wants to break up the UK is already alienating many of their core voters on both sides of the border.

Monday, 23 February 2015

CAMERON you are a Liar           

David Cameron today pledges to protect a raft of pensioner benefits to ensure 'dignity and security in retirement'.
In a major pitch to grey voters, the Prime Minister will vow to continue paying for the winter fuel allowance, free bus passes, TV licences, prescriptions and eye tests for as long as he is in Downing Street.
He will repeat the pledge, which he first made at the last election, as he rejects the argument that such benefits are an 'unnecessary luxury' in times of financial difficulties.
Instead, he said it is 'our fundamental duty' to care for those who have 'done the right thing'.
They deserve 'comfort, independence, companionship, health' he said in a speech, adding: 'No one has put in as much as our elderly. These people have fought wars, seen us through recessions – made this the great country it is today.

'They brought us into the world and cared for us, and now it's our turn – our fundamental duty – to care for them.'

David Cameron, you are a LIAR. I repeat you are a LIAR. I am a pensioner. I worked and paid tax all my working life. I still pay tax on my pension, but because I live in France which has been declared a hot country, by incorporating the temperatures for some tropical French territories you have taken away my winter fuel allowance. I repeat, David Cameron you are a liar. Sue me if I am wrong!!!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

What more is there to say?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A bunch of rich people

EU treaty and The restriction of the WFP to certain pensioner residents in the EU.

One of our colleagues has corresponded with the EU, about the UK governments fraudulent withdrawal of the Winter Fuel Payment to UK pensioners living in some European countries and has received the following EU Reply:- 
Thank you for this enquiry. As you will already know the EU comprises an area in which the free movement of EU nationals is ensured. This freedom of movement is supported by rules which provide for common treatment of social security rights and equal treatment on the provision of social security benefits. These rules are set out in Regulation 883/2004. These rules provide, in outline: 

1. That you are subject to the social security legislation of one member state at any time (Article 11). 

2. Cash benefits payable under the legislation of one member state should not be reduced on the fact that the recipient is residence in another member state (Article 7). 

3. The United Kingdom has, until recently, provided a "Winter Fuel Payment" to UK pensioners resident in the UK only. This was prohibited under EU law (case C-Case C‑503/09, Stewart). The UK appears to have amended the rules in order to provide the benefit to pensioners resident in a number of countries only, ostensibly based on the weather in those countries. The EU rules do not provide for any available justification for this, and this does look, at first sight as though this is unlawful discrimination. 

4. We would recommend that you either look to obtaining a political solution through the EU institutions, such as by contacting your local MEP or making a complaint to the European Commission: 

It is clearly essential that the Statutory Instrument laid by the DWP [2014 No. 3270] is suppressed. There are two actions that can be taken 1.:- Complete a complaint to the EU (link is below)-  This will be difficult except for the most informed!

OR/AND  Send a message to the Works & Pension Select committee. (Clerk's name is Mrs. Carol Oxborough) in the following form:-
"There is increasing evidence that the Statutory Instrument 2014 No. 3270 issued by the DWP infringes treaty agreements between the UK and the EU on the matter of Social Security co-ordination. It would be wise to suppress the SI before it causes embarrassment." or some other phrases of your own invention.

On 2 December 2014, a bill to scrap the 15 year limit on overseas voting was presented to the House of Commons and unanimously accepted.  It is due to go to second reading in March 2015.  This represents a unique opportunity to overturn the 15 year rule, perhaps even before the 2015 General Election, and certainly before any UK EU referendum takes place.

This affects British expats who have lived out of the UK for 15 years or more: expat professionals with international careers; second generation expats, many of whom will come of age while resident abroad without the right to vote anywhere in national elections; and pensioners.

Labour and the Lib Dems have dropped their opposition to this bill and, given the low volume of legislation passing through the House of Commons, there is ample time to pass such a bill in time for the General Election if the Government were to introduce a Government Bill early in 2015.  This would need the agreement of both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats as coalition partners.

Supporters of the campaign to repeal the 15 year rule are asked to write to (ex)MPs, especially Liberal Democrats, to persuade them to encourage the government to introduce legislation to repeal the 15-year rule early in the New Year, and to persuade family and friends resident in the UK to do so too, using the following suggested text:

 "On 2 December 2014, a ten minute bill to scrap the 15 year limit on overseas voting was presented to the House of Commons by Geoffrey Clifton-Brown and unanimously accepted.  Supporters of the bill are now calling for the introduction of a new Bill in government time, which would give British citizens the right to vote in national elections in perpetuity.   Please encourage the government to introduce legislation to repeal the 15-year rule early in 2015 to enable the bill to be adopted before the General Election."